Instances of anti-Indigenous racism in Canada are an on-going and escalating problem.

The SideSwipe Project provides a forum that allows Indigenous Peoples to document examples of racism, including microaggressions and microdiscriminations.

By sharing what you experienced or witnessed, you can help educate the public, empower others, build capacity to address these incidents, and strengthen advocacy.

Through SideSwipe – a partnership between Testify: Indigenous Laws + the Arts and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs – we are providing a platform to allow Indigenous Peoples to share and aggregate these stories.

If you have experienced an incident of anti-Indigenous racism, or saw it happen, share your story by

  1. Using the hashtag #SideSwipeProject
  2. Joining our moderated Facebook group

Also if you witnessed instances where you or someone else was an upstander or addressed racism or bias, please share that too.