LNG is an eight-episode limited series written for Canadian television by Justin Neal.

Focusing on an embattled liquified natural gas facility built on First Nations land in British Columbia, this comedic drama explores all dynamics swirling around this controversial plant — from a large scale conflict between tribal membership and the multinational corporation, to within individual relationships between family and old friends, on and off the reserve.

Approved by Chief and Council without a membership vote, the fictional Shmestiyox First Nation territory housing the LNG plant has long been at odds over the issue. Receiving payouts has made many tribal members happy while others use the funds to pay for a legal team to fight for a closure of the facility, due to the harm natural gas extraction — fracking — causes to the Earth as well as the potential for disaster having the facility on their territory. The plant’s owners also have a secret that a whistleblower within the company has taken to an activist group with the Nation, which may be a game changer.

As the Nation’s Chief and the plant’s community manager, who happen to be old childhood pals, find their relationship at a crossroads, their friendship-in-turmoil festers as tribal members move to occupy the plant’s grounds en masse.