Testify is an evolving and growing dialogue between Artists and Legal Thinkers –  we invite you to join the discussion!

Deadline Next Round: November 29, 2016 Extended until January 10, 2017

About The Project: The Testify project creates opportunities for dialogue between artists and legal theorists about Indigenous laws and opportunities for their dynamic and live expression as part of Canadian society. Art and Law are areas that have tremendous impact and influence on our lives. Art is a force that has the ability to access the heart and soul in a visceral way. Indigenous Laws combine both: often the strongest and most enduring expression of Indigenous Laws is through art: dance, storytelling, sculpture,
song, paintings.

Who We Are: We are a group of Indigenous artists and lawyers (some of us both). Our history and experience has involved curating Indigenous art shows, editing a collection of Indigenous writing on the law, and working collaboratively in projects which marry Indigenous laws and art.

Apply to join TESTIFY: Download Application