Ardith (Walpetko We’dalx) Walkem – Nlaka’pamux

Ardith Walkem

Ardith (Walpetko We’dalx) Walkem

Ardith (Walpetko We’dalx) Walkem is a member of the Nlaka’pamux Nation who has practiced in the areas of Indigenous law since she was called to the Bar in 1996.  Her work in life, and in dreaming the Testify project, is based on the belief that Indigenous laws – and many art forms – are participatory – they are made and remade through engagement – they are alive, our laws are alive, they are in a process of constant creation moving forward.  We have obligations to ourselves, and to our shared world, to find a new way of moving forward.

A focus of much of her work has been on finding ways to make space within the Canadian legal system for the recognition of Indigenous laws, and this has included in the areas of child and family wellness (finding ways to reassert and reclaim Indigenous laws in this area) and also exploring laws about land and resource use.

Ardith has a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University (Major Political Science, Minor Women’s Studies); Bachelor of Laws from the University of British Columbia and a Master of Law’s from the University of British Columbia.  She is a two-spirited woman, and mom to two fierce daughters.  She has published both academically and in poetry anthologies.